Internet Safety Presentation

Monday, Sept 21 •6:30pm
Streetsboro High School Cafeteria
Free for all parents
(no children please)

Within the past 10 years, parenting has changed drastically! We don’t just have to worry about strangers talking to our kids on the street - the strangers are coming into our homes now through computers, cell phones, the Xbox, etc!

How can we keep our kids safe?

The session will cover:

  • Dealing with cyberbullying (offenders & victims)
  • Internet safety at home and school
  • Online predator tactics
  • Children’s use of the internet and technology
  • Cybercrimes
  • Q & A with parents


Brian Kelley, Chief Information Officer of Portage County
Brian Kelley is in his 25th year at Portage County and has served in the capacity of Chief Information Officer for the past 24 years. He is responsible for the County’s enterprise-wide information technology operations spanning 18 elected officials,over 30 departments, and 700+ users. Under his leadership, Portage County has received international, national, state, and regional recognition for highly successful enterprise-wide IT projects.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology and a Master of Public Administration Degree from Kent State University. He completed the Certified Government Chief Information Officer Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Brian is an adjunct professor with both the Sociology and Political Science Departments at Kent State University. He teaches intro to justice studies, police role, and basic interviewing undergraduate courses and a public sector IT management online graduate course. He is also an senior lecturer at the University of Akron where he teaches an undergraduate course in computer and information security.

Brian was a commissioned Special Deputy with the Portage County Sheriff’s Department from 1999-2014 and investigated computer crimes, conducted computer forensic examinations, and performed other law enforcement duties as assigned.

Amanda K. Brace, M.Ed., LSC
Amanda has experience working with people of all ages. She has received specialized training in helping children and adolescents work with learning disabilities, adjustment issues, and bullying (including cyberbullying). Amanda enjoys working with children, adults, families, and couples using a creative, holistic, and systemic approach to counseling enabling clients to explore the issues that have interrupted their lives. Amanda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Education degree in School Counseling from Kent State University. Amanda is a licensed school counselor.


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